Sunshine 4 your Soul
Sunshine 4 your Soul

Welcome to Sunshine 4 your Soul...

Book and Services

Find out more about my book Sunshine 4 your Soul... How to unclench your teeth, breathe, and release your inner positive, powerful, responsible parent!  Plus information about my other services

Holiday Caravan

Visit beautiful Swanage!

   Rent a little piece of         Sunshine 4 your Soul        Holiday caravan sleeps 6 +, pet friendly, glorious views    

About me 

Who is Marion Ingerson-Heart?!  Find out more here....

What does your heart yearn for?  What learnt behaviours and habits are holding you back?  How do you see yourself - in the mirror, in the world, in your life?  Do you celebrate who you are - or do you berate yourself for who you're not...?  Well, let's take a few steps together and find out more - and the first thing to remember, is that you are not alone any more.

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